Sunday, May 6, 2012

Robert Godes (aka qfman), founder of Brillouin Energy, discusses Brillouin technology:

Answers are colored in blue text.

...There are 3 pages of Q&A here, so more answers can be found
on the last page as well.


  1. I love your answers. I'm just completely confounded by the lack of attention being paid to these discoveries. In my opinion there's a preponderance of evidence. It has become more unreasonable to dismiss LENR(or whatever) than to admit that something must be happening.

    I was wondering if you were able to secure funding for your engineering work?

    1. We have closed our first round in May 2012. We are now completing negotiations with SRI to start work there. We now also have multiple engineers working on both an updated wet boiler and the design of the dry system we will build down at SRI.

  2. I've recently grown interested in alternative energy, especially the excess heat phenomenon and the theory behind it. Thanks for all the information you've been sharing! I have no formal background in physics but I enjoy learning on my own and for some reason I'm so fascinated with understanding what is going on in these processes. Your theories have led me down a path of learning many things about quantum and material physics that I never heard of. Keep it up! I think it's cool you are here in the bay area and I'm eager to see you succeed :)